We want you to have a good experience—not just today but 20 years from now if you’re still living in a house that has our product in it, we want you to feel good about the money that you spent then now. - Lou B.

We want you to have the kind of experience where you tell your friends, “Buy from these guys. They’re really going to take care of you. - Lou B

American Home Design--they give you the resources you need to succeed. - Jamie B.

The culture and the camaraderie is like no other. It's a place you like to come in and be at work every day. - Jyn H.

Our goal is to be the best and to bring out the best in people to make them successful in their jobs. - Jyn H.

I feel very secure in my job here at AHD. We've got tremendous opportunity here and we're growing every day. - Amanda B.

AHD is definitely home for me. I've been here 15 years and I still love my job. I love coming every day and you couldn't pay me to go somewhere else and work. This is my family. - Jamee T.

You know, it was really important to me to work with a company that had strong morals, family-oriented, good business ethic. AHD has all of that. - Jamee T.

We have a good time and we help each other out. It's a great opportunity for someone looking for full-time pay with part-time hours. - Tracy S.